Why Choose Advanced Module Manager For Your Joomla Site?

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Why Choose Advanced Module Manager For Your Joomla Site?

 July 22nd, 2019

Added to the extensions community in October of 2009, AMM is a handy extension that enhances the way your Module manager works. Typically, you can only assign modules to specific menu items in Joomla.  AMM makes it possible to assign modules to just about anything, including Joomla content, users, components, templates, devices, etc., giving you control over Joomla modules.  There are two versions, free and one year paid subscription.

AMM’s free version features :

Menu Items Home Page
Assign modules based only on the real homepage.
Date Languages
Joomla! Content
Assign modules based on Joomla Page types,
Categories, Articles, Content Keywords, Meta
Keywords and Article Authors
User Groups  Components
Templates URLs
Assign modules based on different device types:
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Operating Systems
Assign modules based on different Browsers including Mobile Browsers
Same as other module
This can make a module use the same or opposite assignment settings of another module.

Extra Features

Categorizing modules
You can assign modules to simple categories, which can then be used to filter by in the module list view.
Color Tags
You can assign a color to a module. In the module list, you can then see these colors and even sort by colors.
Hide empty modules
This option will hide modules on your website that have no output (handy for things like dynamic menus).
Adds the ability to enter more detailed records, and to show a description as a tooltip or in a separate column in the module list.

Free services

Free downloads & updates
Get unlimited access to the Free downloads and updates.
Install on multiple domains
You can install the extension on any domain you want. No limitations. No domain checks.
No support
To get support, either buy the Pro version or a Support subscription.
Open Source code
The code is open-source (GPL), meaning there is no form of code encryption. No use of Zend Guard or ionCube.

To view a list of the Pro Services and features, visit this link. On this page, they also offer a bundle feature that includes all 26 extensions with a year of support.


If you want a Joomla plugin that will help you assign modules to just about anything, then Advanced Module Manager is the plugin you will want for your Joomla website.  Don’t forget to check out all of their extensions with their bundle offer.  If you have not checked Advanced Module Manager out yet, then you will want to take a look at this powerful plugin.  Download and install the Advanced Module Manager plugin for your Joomla site today.

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