Why Choose Inline Entity Form (IEF) For Your Drupal Site?

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 August 2nd, 2019

This article is the fourth in a series of topics regarding Drupal modules.  Throughout this series, Sectorlink will discuss some of the best modules offered for Drupal.

IEF module for Drupal will make life easier when it comes to content editing.  IEF provides a widget for inline management of referenced entities, which allows editors to easily create, edit and delete referenced entities with just a touch.  All you need is to create your main product, and then you can easily add any other product variations to it without even leaving the page.  IEF is a custom field editing widget.

IEF provides an excellent solution to the “product display→product UI” problems, allowing the products (called "variations" in the UI) to be managed from the product display add / edit page.  IEF also provides a more modern line item management widget, that allows store owners to edit custom fields that are attached to those line items.  Also, IEF provides a field interpreter for product reference fields.  Once enabled and configured, it should work on all past, present, and future product variations.

IEF Supports commerce_product_reference, commerce_line_item_reference and entity reference fields.  IEF requires integration code to be provided for each entity type that can be referenced.  It also supports the commerce_product (including Commerce AutoSKU integration) and commerce_line_item, node, taxonomy_term entity types out of the box.  Integration for other entity types has not yet been written.


If you want a powerful tool for custom field editing, Inline Entity Form is a Drupal module you will want to have for your website.  Download and install IEF for your Drupal site today.

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