Why Choose The Joomla Content Editor For Your Joomla Site?

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Why Choose The Joomla Content Editor For Your Joomla Site?

 June 26th, 2019

Creating and Editing your Joomla content is easier with JCE.  JCE gives you the power you need to create the kind of content you want without limitations and without requiring the knowledge to learn to code with HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc.  Created by Ryan Demmer, JCE has existed since 2006 and has been quite the asset as far as plugins go for Joomla.  

JCE includes advance image, file and link handling, plugin support, and an administrative interface for editor configuration.

•    Office-like functions and familiar buttons make formatting simple.
•    Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste images and insert them into your articles using an intuitive and familiar interface
•    Create Links to Categories, Articles, Web-links, and Contacts in your site using a unique and practical Link Browser
•    Easily tab between WYSIWYG, Code, and Preview modes.
•    Create Tables, edit Styles, format text, and more.
•    Integrated Spellchecking using your browser's Spellchecker
•    Fine-grained control over the editor layout and features with Editor Profiles


Should you want more, then with a JCE Pro subscription you get the following

•    Image editing, resizing and thumbnailing
•    Manage audio and video, and easily embed Youtube and Vimeo videos.
•    Create links to files or embed them in articles
•    Create styled captions on images
•    Full-featured Source Code Editing
•    Integrated support for Markdown


If you want a Joomla plugin that will make your website creation less tedious, then Joomla Content Editor is the plugin you will want for your Joomla website.  For 13 years, JCE has helped Joomla users with creating and editing websites, making it less stressful as users are not required to have any coding knowledge.  If you have not checked JCE out yet, then what are you waiting for?  Download and install the JCE plugin for your Joomla site today!

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