Why Choose JCH Optimize For Your Joomla Web Site?

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Why Choose JCH Optimize For Your Joomla Web Site?

 July 28th, 2019

JCH Optimize is a Joomla extension that provides front-end optimization for faster download speeds for your Joomla website.  It can minimize HTTP requests and reduce your web page sizes.  JCH Optimize is $39 for 12 months or an even better deal of $99 for a lifetime.

Google PageSpeed Recommendations

Google PageSpeed are tools created by Google, and they are designed to help optimize a website’s performance.  Aside from using a fast web server, a great optimization tool to further enhance website performance can be crucial.  One of the great things about JCH Optimize is the fact that it uses a considerable number of Google PageSpeed recommendations to make your site load faster.


JCH Optimize combines CSS files from all templates, modules, and plugins into a single file. This will end up reducing the amount of requests sent to your website.

JCH Optimize Combines Javascript files.  Typically, this can be difficult to combine without breaking your website.

JCH Optimize will compress (zip) CSS and Javascript.  Thus they are reduced in size, which reduces the transfer time.

JCH Optimize minimizes Javascript and CSS, which compacts the size.  It also reduces its size even further by compacting any extra whitespace, comments, etc.

JCH Optimize adds a defer tag so that your page will loads first and then executes the Javascript after the page has loaded.

JCH Optimize creates image sprites.  In short, this dramatically reduces the number of requests sent to your website.



JCH Optimize is a powerful extension to aid in Joomla site optimization.  Download and install JCH Optimize for your Joomla site today.

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