Why Companies Should Use Hosting Service For Their Website?

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Why Companies Should Use Hosting Service For Their Website?

 April 29th, 2015

Out of the four basic types of website hosting services, cloud web hosting is definitely becoming not just an advantage for businesses, but an essential part of any web page hosting plan. Here are a few of the most common reasons why more and more of the internet's 4.49 billion web pages are being hosted by cloud servers:

  • Security: Security breaches are problems that every business owner will likely worry about; data shows that cyber attacks have increased substantially -- about 23% -- since 2013. Although some companies claim that cloud hosting servers are a little less secure than other single servers (mostly because they operate over a large network with multiple servers), statistics would say otherwise: over 60% of businesses use cloud servers and storage for basic IT department tasks, and about 55% of companies that switched to cloud-based hosting services claim that their security has increased because of the cloud.
  • Flexibility and Reliability: Cloud hosting services are definitely the best choice for companies that plan on expanding in the future, no matter how much the website grows. Cloud-based servers provide an extra layer of back-up help because even if the physical server is disconnected from the internet for any reason, the website information is still located in the cloud and can be accessed easily.
  • Cost: Cost is naturally one of the most important factors any business will pay attention to when picking a website hosting company, and the financial advantage of cloud-based services is that you only pay for what you use, similar to how you pay for utilities like gas or water. In fact, about 82% of companies claim they saved money after moving to the cloud.

So what do you think -- are cloud web hosting services the future of web page hosting, or are these hosting servers more likely to benefit certain companies more than others?

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