Why Does Maintaining A Digital Presence Matter So Much?

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 May 20th, 2015

One of the most important things companies need to understand about the modern business world is that their respective digital presences are absolutely vital to their success. Though it may seem like some trivial obligation, it's paramount for a business's survival. Here's why.

Working With a Quality Website Hosting Company Can Actually Improve a Business

More and more companies are using cloud hosting services than ever before, and for a good reason. Cloud web hosting services have been proven to improve business. In one study, 80% of companies using cloud servers saw improvements within just six months. In another study reported by Forbes, 55% of companies saw an increase in efficiency after they started using cloud web hosting. And in another study, 82% of companies actually saved money by using the cloud instead of other web host servers. Choosing the right service to host a company's digital presence can make them more productive and cost-efficient -- two crucial advantages to have in business.

Ranking Well on a Search Engine's Results Pages Is Incredibly Hard, But Incredibly Necessary

In addition to improving a company's efficiency, choosing an excellent hosting service can also help a business's digital marketing efforts. Web servers typically host multiple websites at one time, the same way an apartment building houses numerous families. And just like an apartment building, if some of the tenants are less than respectable, the value of the others' apartments go down, too. If Google sees that a website is hosted on the same server as other, less-reputable domains, it might knock its rank down, which can be a severe blow to a company's digital marketing strategy, as most digital marketing efforts are explicitly meant to improve this ranking. According to Search Engine Watch, the first page of Google gets 92% of all the traffic. If there are no digital marketing strategies in place that can get a website on there, or if there are factors keeping it off, it won't get any traffic.

Maintaining a digital presence, and putting digital marketing strategies into effect may seem trivial, but they're crucial elements of being found by new and existing customers today.

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