Why Hosting On A Virtual Private Server Is Better

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Why Hosting On A Virtual Private Server Is Better

 February 28th, 2020

Hardware Reduction

When your servers are virtualized, the number of physical servers you need begins to reduce.  This is because you have a single machine that is now running multiple servers that are virtualized.  This reduces the costs of hardware, software, electricity (you are getting greener).  It also makes backups more manageable.

Cost Reduction

Hardware is expensive.  Upkeep and repairs, force you to spend an excessive amount of money every year.  Virtualization lowers the need for maintenance and repairs, which ultimately reduces your expenses.

Disaster Prevention

Virtualized private servers allow for fast recoveries.  This is because the data is not on multiple servers, but rather a single physical server.  Moreover, you can use the latest snapshot of a virtual server to restore your physical server to a particular point in time. 

Virtualization Helps You Go Green

Because virtualization allows you to reduce your need for physical servers, you will end up using less energy.  In some instances, this means a considerable reduction in energy consumption, which also means that you will reduce your electric bill.

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers:

Simplified facilities that will save space and costs

Easier disaster recovery

Multiple operating systems on the same computer

Controlled access to sensitive data and intellectual property by keeping them safe inside the data center

Fewer physical devices installed allows for more space for growth

Migration to a different server is transparent

Cost reduction due to multiple virtual servers on a single powerful server

Virtualization software re-allocates resources dynamically between virtual machines

The virtual machine is encapsulated (separate from each other), which allows for change (load balancing) in the virtual machine platform to increase its performance.

Migration to a new operating system is more straightforward.  You can keep the old operating system running in a virtual machine, which reduces the cost of migration.


Cost reduction of personnel, power, and cooling due to using less physical equipment.



As seen above, virtualization offers multiple benefits.  It reduces costs all around because it reduces the need for large facilities, personnel, hardware, software licenses, cooling, and electricity.  Disaster recovery is much easier, as well.  If you currently are not virtualized, you should consider moving towards virtualization today.

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