Why Should You Use OSDownloads?

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 Why should you use OSDownloads?

 July 24th, 2019

OSDownloads is one of the easiest ways to add downloads to your Joomla website. Primarily, it is designed to collect user custom data in exchange for the download.  Collecting user data is useful if you want to notify users about updates or changes.  With this feature, you do not have to force your users to register to download.  OSDownloads is designed to work with MailChimp for your contact list.

The basic requirements for OSDownloads are PHP 7 for the pro version and at least PHP 5.6 for the free version, MySql version 5.5.3, and Apache 2.4 (and newer).       The basic version of OSDownloads is free.  The pro version is $59.00 per year.

Main Features:


With OSDownload, you can create categories for your downloads.  Once created, you can add files to your category’s archive.

Download Requirements

In the Requirements tab, you can set the requirements for a user to be able to download a file.  These include email, an agreement (which you can create and add) the end-user will accept, social share, etc.

Advanced Tab

The advanced tab essentially sets the text, color,  links, external reference, MailChimp (list, group), and constant contact list.

Download Link

Once all of the above is set, you will create a link to the download page by creating a menu item.  Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item.  This will allow you to create a link to a single file or list all downloads available.  The download list will be a menu link to a page with either a single downloadable item or every download available.

Keeping Track of Who Downloads

Keeping Track of Who Downloads Go to Components > OSDownload > Emails from the main menu, and you will see the list of emails from visitors that have downloaded your files under the Emails tab.


The list you collect can then be used in MailChimp. In the MailChimp tab, add your MailChimp button at the top of the file or category information, and your mailing list is ready to be used.

 Thank You

 Don’t forget about this!  In the Options tab, click general and add your thank you page.



OSDownloads is a simple Joomla plugin that is both easy and powerful to add a download feature to your Joomla website.  If you are providing downloads to users, then you will want to take a look at this powerful plugin.  Download and install OSDownloads for your Joomla site today.

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