Why Solid State Drives Are Better For Dedicated Servers

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Why Solid State Drives Are Better For Dedicated Servers

 April 9th, 2019

Among the many factors considered for dedicated hosting, choosing the right kind of storage is critical.      Recently, solid-state drives (SSD) have become increasingly popular.  In its inception, SSD was expensive.  However, the cost of SSD has become more than reasonable, allowing its popularity to increase by many factors.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider informing your trusted hosting provider of your desire to utilize SSD for your dedicated hosting.


When comparing speed between hard drives (HDD) vs. SSD, it is not difficult to acknowledge that SSD wins.  HDD read data at a slower rate.  This is because HDD utilizes spinning platters and a reading arm to read the disk.  The faster the spin, the faster it can read/write data, and if the HDD spins too fast, it will eventually fail sooner.  Thus, drive speeds are limited to what it can handle.

SDD, on the other hand, has zero moving parts.  Data is stored in integrated circuit assemblies (microchips), very similar to USB sticks or flash drives.  The read-write speeds on SSD are typically more than double of HDD.  So the wiser option for your dedicated hosting solution would be SSD.

Life Span

HDD typically have a life span of 3 to 5 years.  The drive will then start showing issues, such as bad sectors, etc.  Eventually, the drive will fail and require replacement.  SSD has very low failure rates compared to HDD, as have zero moving parts will raise the life span considerably.  Typically, SSD life spans are 2 to 3 times longer than HDD.

Heat Issues

The key factors to drive temperature is moving parts and a higher requirement of power consumption.

When you seek performance from HDD, you may utilize drives that have 10,000 rpm or higher.  With that many rotations, you are looking at having a small frying pan inside your dedicated server.  This raises the heat considerable for all your hardware and can cause eventual critical failure for not just your hard drive, but also your memory, CPU, motherboard, other hard drives, etc.

With zero moving parts on SSD, the wear and tear from heat is much lower and can extend the life of not only your drive but also the life of your dedicated server’s hardware considerably.


Better performance, lower power consumption, less heat, zero moving parts, longer lifespan; these are just a few reasons why SSD is superior to HDD.  If you are considering dedicated hosting or upgrading an existing dedicated server, you should seriously consider utilizing SSD over HDD.

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