Why Use Jetpack For Your WordPress Site?

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 May 22nd, 2019

Jetpack offers site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance, and much, much more.  So why use Jetpack?  Let’s take a look.

Monitor, Protect and Restore

Jetpack provides automatic defense against hacks, malware, spam, data loss, and downtime.  Receive an email or push notification in the mobile app the instant Jetpack detects your site is down.  Get alerts when the downtime ends, along with information on how long your site was inaccessible.  Review comments and form submissions flagged as spam. You will be notified if a potential security threat is found in your plugin or theme files.  Have peace of mind knowing hackers and bots can’t force their way into your site.

Keep full, real-time backups of your WordPress site and contents.  Choose the date, time, or specific event you want to restore your site to, then roll back in just a few clicks.

Image CDN, Video CDN, Lazy Loading Images

Embed high-resolution photos on any page without slowing down your site.  Site load time can affect you in multiple ways, from visitors leaving quickly to search engines penalizing your rankings for slow speeds.  Upload unlimited photos to the free Jetpack Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Automattic will handle delivering them to visitors at the proper resolution and blazing-fast speed.

Jetpack’s video-hosting service uses the same high-speed content delivery network Automattic uses for photos and is completely ad-free.  Upload your videos directly into the WordPress editor, and Automattic automatically embed them into our custom video player.  Never worry about big videos taking up space and using up bandwidth from your hosting plan again.  Automattic’s unlimited Video CDN comes as part of its Premium and Professional plans.

If your site has an abundance of photos, you don’t want to drive visitors away by making them wait for your content to load.  You also don’t want to sacrifice quality by compressing or resizing your graphics or photos.  Automattic’s free lazy loading image feature displays pictures as a viewer scrolls, rather than showing a blank screen until all images on the page load.

Design, Optimize, Showcase

Choose from hundreds of professional themes perfect for any blog, portfolio, or business website.
Preview changes to a theme’s colors, content, and layout before making them permanent.  Customize your site with endless widget options, image galleries, and embedded media — all without touching any code.

Embed high-resolution photos and videos on any page without slowing down your site.  Automatically upload new media to the Jetpack CDN to deliver it to visitors in the proper resolution and at blazing fast speeds.  Stream all your videos in high quality and without any watermarks or ads.  Enhance your site search with an Elasticsearch-powered service for quicker and better results.

Showcase your portfolio and make articles shine using rich media.  Create beautiful experiences with carousels, tiled galleries, and full-screen slideshows. Embed anything from a video to a tweet to a recipe directly onto your site.  Use Google Photos to manage your WordPress media, or find the right image for your story with our free stock-image library provided by Pexels.

Measure, Promote, Earn

Keep an eye on your success with simple, concise, and mobile-friendly stats.  Get updates on site traffic, successful posts, site searches, and comments, all in real-time.  Explore detailed insights on your most successful posts, or identify missing content your site visitors are already searching for.

You can schedule promotions of your content to social media sites in advance to save time.  Add additional social shares for previously published posts, and schedule them for the days and times that work best for your audience. Automatically show your readers related content to increase page views and time on site.

Generate revenue from your site with high-quality ads and payment options.  Show un-intrusive ads to your visitors on the pages and locations of your choice.  Take payments for goods and services or accept donations with simple, easy-to-use PayPal buttons.

Publish, Manage, Secure

Make updates to your Jetpack site at any time, from any device.  Have a seamless WordPress experience across your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.  Use Automattic’s mobile apps to publish new content, upload photos directly from your device’s camera, or fix that typo you missed.

Keep up with your site’s activity, even when away from your desk.  Sneak a peek at your stats on your morning commute. Discover where your readers come during your lunch break.  Check notifications to keep conversations flowing with your followers, and keep your finger on the pulse of your site with a full record of every update and change.

Jetpack makes sure your site is always online, up to date, and secure.  Ensure your site’s security by staying up to date with the latest versions of plugins and themes. Update them anytime from the app, or turn auto-updates on let Jetpack do the work.  Jetpack monitors your site for downtime — if anything’s off, it instantly sends a push notification to the mobile app.


Automattic’s international team offers support for all free customers and priority support for Jetpack’s various paid plans.


Automattic’s Jetpack for WordPress is a single addon that is packed with powerful tools to help your website reach its goals.  It will keep your site secure; it will help speed up your site and improve your site traffic growth.  If you have not checked out Jetpack, now is a great time to take a look.

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