WordPress Features You Never Knew About

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WordPress Features You Never Knew About

 May 6th, 2022

Less than 64 percent of small businesses have a website. Most customers review a company online before making a purchase, so you're missing out if you don't have a website.

WordPress is full of helpful tricks and shortcuts, but there are so many it's easy to miss the best ones. Here are some great WordPress features to help you build your website.

Keyboard Shortcuts

When you write a lot of content, you'll welcome any tips that help with your writing experience. WordPress has some handy keyboard shortcuts that allow you to write and edit more efficiently. These shortcuts keep your fingers on the keyboard instead of using your mouse to click on formatting buttons. 

The most helpful shortcut when editing is Alt + Shift + h  because it opens a popup window that displays all of the keyboard shortcuts. Use Option + Control + h if you're a Mac user.

WordPress Theme Selection

When building a website, one of the most important tips is to be selective when choosing a theme. There are many options, and not all of them will showcase your project well. Read reviews from other WordPress website users before making a choice.

You can view a theme or try it out before committing to it. Most people on the internet use a small screen, so ensure that you optimize for a mobile device. 

Preview Your Pages

This feature allows you to see what your pages will look like on different screens. Use it when designing your site or making changes to your theme. It's a bit hidden, so many people aren't aware it's available.

Go to Appearance, select Customize, and look for the small icons at the bottom of the screen. They look like a phone, a computer monitor, and a tablet. You can click on them to see how your pages look.

Select Your Web Hosting Service

Find the right hosting plan for your site. A well-managed hosting provider can make a difference in your site's success. Your provider needs to be able to manage your site traffic volumes and support fast load times.

When choosing a hosting service, look at the customer support they provide. Do some research and read reviews from other customers. Review their backup plans to ensure your data is secure.

Optimize Your Images

A good image is essential to the success of your post because it engages readers. They can invoke emotions and make your blog memorable. A great picture can encourage your reader to share your post on social media or share it with their friends.

Make your images work for you behind the scenes using alt text. In your media library, select your image and click edit. Alt text tells readers what your image is showing. It also improves SEO because it helps the search engines interpret your post.

Maximize Your WordPress Features

We provide small business web hosting services and include a powerful website builder. We have everything you need to build simple websites to full e-commerce sites, and we can show you more great WordPress features.

Contact our team at SectorLink to choose the right plan for your business needs. We offer our customers a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

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