You've Got Mail: The Power Of Email Marketing

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 August 10th, 2015

Digital marketing agencies have many tactics that can make your site stand out against the 4.49 billion webpages on the Internet. There's social media, PPC services, web design, and all sorts of other digital media tactics.

However, there's one form of digital marketing that's often overlooked -- email marketing. Although many may think that this digital marketing strategy is ineffective, winding up in recipients' junk mail folders instead of their inboxes, it's still one of the most effective tactics out there. Here's what you should know. 

Email Delivers an Excellent Return on Investment

No matter how you look at it, email marketing has a significant return on investment. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that it yields an average of 4,300% ROI for U.S. businesses. Other studies suggest that email marketing is worth $273 an hour to small business owners who fit an extra hour of email marketing into their day and that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average ROI is about $44.25.

Email Has an Amazing Conversion Rate

Believe it or not, email has conversion rates that are 3Xs those of social media, and a 17% higher value in the conversion as well. In fact, email marketing is actually 40 times better at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter is.

Getting Recipients' Attention Is a Science

Digital marketing pros have email marketing down to a science. There's only about three or four seconds to grab readers' attention and interest them enough actually to open the email, so personalizing the content and making it unique is critical. Personalized promotional mailings actually have a 29% higher unique open rate and a 41% higher unique click rate than non-personalized mailings.

There are a lot of websites out there to compete with. Google, the largest search engine in the world, has only indexed about 200 Terabytes worth of data -- 204,800 gigs -- which barely scratches the surface. That's just about 0.004% of the entire Internet. If you want to stand out, you're going to need an excellent way to get people's attention. Email marketing can do just that.

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