3 Qualities Of The Best Web Hosting Providers

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3 Qualities of the Best Web Hosting Providers

 December 2nd, 2020

At least 75% of the websites on the internet today are inactive. They don't have a location on the internet for users to access.

This is partly because most companies don't have a proper answer to a critical question; what is web hosting? It's often confused with domain registration.

A web host server contains your website and its information, while a domain name lets potential customers search for and access it. A site with a registered domain name but no server remains inactive.

There are at least 330,000 web hosting providers to choose from. Deciding which one to go with becomes easier when you know what to look for.

The place you host your website affects its speed, security, and performance. Read on to learn 3 qualities of the best web hosting providers that will help you make your choice.

1. Variety of Services

There are several types of web hosting services. The four major categories are shared, VPS, virtual private server, dedicated server, and cloud.

Shared hosting involves using the same web hosting server for several websites. It's a form of cheap web hosting for smaller companies that don't update their site often. The shared server may create performance issues.

VPS hosting is similar uses smaller virtual servers that are shared by fewer sites. It shares some performance issues with shared hosting but doesn't experience as much of a slowdown.

Dedicated server hosting uses a single server for each site. This gives the owner control over performance, but the increased quality comes with increased costs.

Cloud hosting allows website owners to rent space within the cloud. It gives them almost unlimited memory and transfers them to another server if one goes down.

The type of web hosting you choose affects several key metrics. Pay particular attention to speed. Any page that loads slower than the average of 10 seconds may cause viewers to click away.

2. Security

Every web hosting company should offer basic security features. These include spam prevention, SSL certificates, and DDoS attack prevention tools.

The level of security you require differs depending on the type of site you manage and what information it contains. For example, a healthcare business or eCommerce store may need more levels of protection than a blog. The best web host providers will keep all your information secure.

Web hosting services also provide you with a secure backup of your website, and the information it contains ever becomes compromised by a hacker attack or other security issue.

3. Support

Cheap or free web hosting lacks the services of paid alternatives. When they fail, it can be difficult to get anyone on the line to help you fix the problem. 

A web hosting company with 24-hour technical support is the best option for companies of all sizes. It prevents you from experiencing any downtime and lessens the burden on your in-house IT team.

Where Can I Find a Web Hosting Company?

Choosing a web hosting company is like finding a home for your website. It's a critical decision that affects performance, security, and more.

When choosing among the thousands of web hosts, look for one that provides a variety of services. They should allow you to choose between and/or combine different hosting options, offer security tools to protect your information, and be ready and able to provide support whenever you need it. 

We offer a range of hosting options for sites and businesses of all types and sizes. Check out our web hosting services to start developing your online presence today.

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