3 Things To Know About The Latest WordPress Security Plugins

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3 Things to Know About the Latest WordPress Security Plugins

 February 14th, 2023

You may think WordPress is safe since it's the biggest CMS platform. But think again -- WordPress is the most-hacked CMS. Since WordPress websites are vulnerable to hacking, it's integral that you not only use security plugins but keep them updated.

Fortunately, you have various security plugin options that update their software regularly. These plugins will prevent a website hack and will keep every aspect of your WordPress website safe.

Are you looking for new WordPress security plugins? Here are some of the top-rated security plugins and their latest updates.

iThemes Security Pro 7.1.1

iThemes Security Pro is a plugin that monitors security events on your website. This plugin will monitor your website for any malicious activity. The plugin will also stop automated attacks, scan for vulnerable plugins, and strengthens user credentials. It also blocks bad spots and reduces spam.

Back in April, iThemes Pro released its update 7.1.1. The new update includes a twice-daily site scan, usability improvements, and menu updates for email notifications. The update also tackles bugs that could leave your website vulnerable.

Wordfence 78.2

Wordfence is another scanning software that informs you if your website has been compromised. The app is run by a team of threat researchers, security analysts, and software engineers, specializing in WordPress security. These professionals built the app from the ground up, making this one of the most reliable firewall plugins for WordPress.

In December 2022, Wordfence added some improvements. You can access diagnostics before completing the registration, and there are more granular deletion options. Keep in mind that these were the edits for 78.1—there was a WordPress error when Wordfence first released the update, so they had to release the second update in response.

SecuPress 2.2.3

SecuPress is a plugin that protects your website in addition to your data. At the bare minimum, this plugin blocks every hacking attempt. SecuPress offers various pricing plans that are packed with different features, in addition to a free plan for blogs. This plugin also boasts excellent support.

In September 2022, SecuPress updated their plugin to version 2.2.3., which resulted in an IP spoofing security fix, malware database update, links that don't work, fixed their two-factor authentication, and more.

WP Activity Log 4.4.3

Do you not need advanced security plugins? WP Activity Log is a simple plugin that tracks record changes, eases troubleshooting, and identifies any suspicious behavior on your website. This company also offers a free plan that offers a comprehensive activity log.

This month, WP Activity Log released its update 4.4.3, where users have more control over seeing logged-in users, can now read IP addresses, major database improvements, adjusted CSS for responsive activity, improved display of extension events, UI improvements, and more.

You May Need More Than WordPress Security Plugins

If you have a WordPress website, you must take site security seriously. There are various WordPress plugins that detect and prevent malware attacks, while others inform you of any activity on your site. But you may need more than WordPress security plugins. The right hosting platform will offer secure plans and different products, such as SSL certificates, to improve website security.

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