5 Key Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than On-Premise Servers

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5 Key Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than On-Premise Servers

 September 21st, 2020

Businesses thrive when they have access to fantastic tools and resources. Reliable cloud hosting is one of these opportunistic and essential business tools.

Are you're still running a server on-premise? Debating on making the switch?

Take note as you're about to find out all the great reasons to take your hosting to the cloud.

Greater Affordability

There are many types of hosting server options you can set up in-house. On-premise hosting is OK if you're a massive corporation with plenty of money. If you're a small to mid-sized business with a limited budget? Not so much.

Server hardware and its upkeep gets expensive.

It's estimated that moving to the cloud creates a 30-50% savings for an organization—the scale of the savings when factoring costs like upgrades, maintenance, and management. Run the numbers, and you'll likely see these numbers reflected in your savings!

Better Uptime

Cloud server hosting offers better up-time compared to on-site IT infrastructure. The better uptime is possible because of distributed hardware in several areas instead of a central location. The nodes in a cloud array pick up where one drops off, allowing service continuation.

Compare the uptime and tolerance of an in-house setup that's at the will of:

  • Power outages
  • Malicious attacks
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft and disruptions

Does your in-house server boast 99.5% uptime? It's doubtful! A flaky local server becomes a money sink when you consider lost productivity. So, when you think of consistent uptime, also think about business opportunities!

Heightened Security

Cloud hosting providers follow strict, industry-grade security guidelines and best practices. Each node in the private cloud hosting offers a protective barrier for your data. Add a team of IT pros monitoring the server, and you can figure out why a cloud-based option is so robust for security!

Cloud hosting services often bundle:

The cloud-based distribution of your data adds a layer of fault tolerance, too. You're no longer hindered by having a single point of attack or failure. 

Extensive Accessibility

Business tools and resources shine when they're accessible everywhere. Whether it's by phone or at a desktop, in-house, or overseas, you'll want a way where everyone can connect. Cloud hosting makes this a reality.

The business is no longer bound to its day-to-day schedule.

There's no downtime from scheduled maintenance. There are no hiccups from disrupted Internet connections. The tools and resources are ready for you and the team, no matter when and where they're needed.

Blazing Speeds

An on-premise server's output gets defined by two things:

  • Hardware
  • Connection

Hardware gets expensive, as noted, which means you're already off to a slow start. Now, factor the business Internet package available in your area. A local ISP could significantly lack when it comes to speed.

You don't have speed issues when using cloud-based web hosting.

Users experience faster responses because of node distribution within the cloud. This puts hardware closer to the user, creating a seamless experience all over the world. Add caching, CDN, SSDs, and greater bandwidth, and you're blazing past the old setup.

Get Started with Cloud Hosting

Cloud server hosting has far too many incredible benefits to pass up if you're operating an online presence. Yet, if you're still on the fence about it and need that last nudge to switch, then do get in touch with our friendly team! We'd love to help you get set up and explore all its many unique cloud-based features and benefits.

Compare our plans or chat with us to get started with cloud hosting today!

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