5 Web Development Trends And Strategies To Follow

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5 Web Development Trends and Strategies to Follow

 December 23rd, 2020

Web development is one field where you cannot stop learning. It seems like a new framework is taking the coding world by storm every few months. If you ignore these industry changes, you risk making yourself obsolete.

Of course, picking out the important trends for a front end developer or back end developer can prove a challenge. Keep reading and we’ll give you a quick overview of the major web development trends and strategies.

1. Get Solid on the Essentials

You cannot substitute anything for knowing the essential languages and processes. That means you need a good grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GIT version control.

You’ll use these core languages and skills over and over again. You’ll likely use them on an almost daily basis. Just as importantly, your employers will expect that you know them.

Knowing the essentials will always prove trendy. 

2. Voice Search Optimization

One major trend you must prepare for is voice search optimization. The integration of voice assistants in mobile devices makes voice searches increasingly common.

At present, that primarily means business or factual searches through a search engine. If you build responsive sites that Google indexes, you’re likely safe for the moment.

As a web developer, though, you must get comfortable with voice search APIs. These will allow for internal site searches using voice. 

3. Get Security Conscious

Making a functional site is your main job in web site development. A good developer or web development company bakes security into the process.

Make a point of testing the historically weak spots for data leakage. Is that login form at least encrypted? 

If you’re weak on security testing, ask around and find someone who can teach you the basics. It’s the rare boss or client who will discourage a security-minded approach.

4. Responsive Design

A perennial entry on web development trend lists, you must learn responsive design. Responsive sites adapt their content display based on screen size. This approach lets you build one site for all users. 

5. Chatbots

Love them or hate them, chatbots will remain part of the development landscape for the foreseeable future. Businesses like them because they cut down on customer service costs. Customers like them because they can often answer the question or fix the problem.

That means you must keep an eye on the popular chatbots and how to integrate them.


Preparing for the Web Development Future

There is no sure-fire way you can prepare for the future in web development. You can, however, hedge your bets by keeping an eye on development trends. 

Learn the essentials and get a little up to speed on security testing. Polish your responsive design skills until they shine. Learn about voice search optimization and chatbots.

This won’t future-proof your career. It will leave you well-positioned for the next few years. 

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