Cloud web hosting and why website isolation is crucial

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Cloud web hosting and why website isolation is crucial

 September 27th, 2019

The online world is an increasingly risky place to conduct business.  There are a wide range of threats including but not limited to, ransomware, malware, sensitive information leaks, data breaches, etc.  One method of security that helps to prevent these threats is website isolation.  So how does website isolation help?

Typically, shared website hosting allows multiple websites owned by a single customer to reside in the same space that is provided to that customer.  Not only is this done in the same space, but also, on the same server.  This means that if one website has a security issue, it has the potential to allow a hacker to affect all of the hosted sites within that customer’s space.  This can end up being catastrophic, causing access to sensitive information that can lead to any number of nightmare scenarios.

Website isolation places each individual website not only in their own process, but also and most importantly, in their own secured folders.  It prevents hackers from being able to traverse outside of these folders into different areas that could allow them to infiltrate multiple websites.  Thus, if one website is breached it will not affect other websites on the server.

Cloud website isolation takes this process even further.  With cloud web hosting, not only are websites isolated from each other, websites are also placed on different servers.  In fact, every service on the cloud including databases, email and DNS are isolated on different servers.


Website isolation is key when ensuring each of your website’s online presence is separate and safe from each other.  If you have not switched to cloud web hosting, you should consider changing to the Cloud today.  Sectorlink can help you make the best move for the future of your online presence.