Small Business Email Hosting: A Professional Touch To Your Brand

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Small Business Email Hosting: A Professional Touch to Your Brand

 April 20th, 2021

In a 2019 study, it was found that Americans spend five (5) hours a day checking email, three (3) hours at work, and two (2) hours at home. Email is one of the most popular methods of communication for both personal correspondence, work, and marketing.  

Email hosting is an easy way to upgrade your brand in the eyes of your clients. While there are free services like google and yahoo, using a paid professional service gives you the ease of reliable, professional service. Email hosting is different than website hosting, and if you don’t know the difference or how important professional small business email hosting is, read on.

Domain Hosting v. Web Hosting v. Email Hosting

If you are new to small business branding, you may be wondering about the differences in the various hosting services. A domain host stores domain names and handles their registration. When you register your domain you select a name, such as, with the domain registrar and that establishes the URL that sends potential clients to your website.

Web hosting is what provides the computer resources, such as server space, bandwidth, and memory. This is the place where you create your website content that visitors see online. The web host is the “store” where you display your products or services including photos, text, videos, and a shopping cart.

Email hosting is a service that allows you to send emails and other information to your current and potential customers. You may use an email host that is the same server hosting your website. The bundling of website hosting and email services is common.

Small Business Email Hosting Benefits

When you purchase email hosting services, you receive a customer email platform that links to your domain name. Unlike using free hosting services that include advertising, paid email hosting services are free of advertisements.

Free email companies, such as Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo, offer basic email services. The problem is you are stuck using their domain, which does not put forth a professional business appearance.

Another disadvantage of free services is that they frequently have annoying advertising banners, less cloud storage, weak security measures, and do not allow you to use a personal domain name ( If your business is dependent on email to drive visitors to your website, building revenue, you want a professional paid email hosting service.

When you pay for hosting services, you receive additional tools that help you target sections of your email list. This allows you to pump out a successful email marketing campaign.

The advantages of a paid hosting service are numerous. This includes email authentication, contact management, backups, archiving, and security. These are necessary for your business to have a professional and secure website.

For security you want your web and email hosting service to include SSL security certificates. These certificates provide your clients with the knowledge that you are a secure and credible business.  

Small Business Branding

When you have a small business it is important to develop your business brand. Part of building your reputation and brand is having professional small business email hosting.

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