Software Development Vs Web Development: What Are The Differences?

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Software Development vs Web Development: What Are the Differences?

 September 16th, 2022

CodeitBro reveals that 43% of developers possess a bachelor's in computer science or a field that is similar. Meanwhile, 69% report that they are self-taught partially.

Developers have a reputation for taking the initiative.

You have likely heard of the terms software development and web development. They sound similar, don't they?

However, there is a significant difference between software development vs web development.

This article will thoroughly explain what makes them different, so you won't have to worry about interchanging the two terms.

Okay, cue the lights, and let's go!

Software Development vs Web Development

The number one difference between these two roles is the type of programs that each one works with. Also, there is a major difference in what they want to create.

In web development, they mostly work on web applications and websites to run on an internet browser. Software development works on computer programs that can run on a desktop computer and a mobile device.

Both types of development need:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Extensive programming experience
  • Ability to problem solve

However, they differ in terms of:

  • Levels of complexity
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Different workflows

For web development, the developer will often collaborate with marketing and business experts. The goal of a website is to be aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and user-friendly.

Software development typically involves a developer working with colleagues that are also tech-oriented to create mobile application projects and large-scale software.

What Is Software Development?

It focuses on programs that computer systems use. The software developer will:

  • Conceptualize
  • Program
  • Create
  • Document
  • Test
  • Improve software, software components, and framework
  • Maintain software, software components, and framework

Because software development creates applications and programs, allowing users to interact with a desktop or mobile device. The user can perform a variety of tasks and activities.

Software Development Guide

In these roles, it is important to have a good understanding of development best practices. Further, a software developer must have experience in the theory behind the programming. This is because a software developer will work in multiple interrelated programming languages.

Usually, you find that a software developer will perform their work in a scrum, which is an agile environment. 

What Is Web Development?

This type of development uses computer code, like software development, but to create software that is as a website. Typically, a web developer will not be involved in the aspects of web development that are non-design, but sometimes they are.

Web development creates interactive web pages by writing markup and using code. It's simple to create, like online text files, or it can be complex, like building an e-commerce site.

Anytime you engage with a company's site in a web browser, it is likely that a web developer was involved in the creation.

Web Development Guide

There are two focuses on web development. One is mostly the client side. The other is the server's side.

Professionals consider every element that a user can access from the web page client-side development. Meanwhile, the server-side supports the back end. It is the backend that makes up the web page's digital infrastructure.

The client-side system will let a visitor or user tell the webpage what they would like it to do. The server-side has the responsibility to fulfill the request that is made.

Professionals that are well versed in both the front-end and backend of web development are referred to as full-stack developers.

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