What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Web Hosting?

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What Are The Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting?

 April 25th, 2019

What exactly is cloud web hosting? Cloud web hosting allows hosting websites on virtual servers.  It exists as a better alternative for hosting sites, mail services, and database services.  The network of servers are vast in number, pulling data from multiple servers.  It is a form of digital infrastructure to ensure that your data is more secure.  And as mentioned earlier, it allows you to host various websites with different platforms all under a single user interface. Cloud hosting is pretty much standard now, and there are many reasons why Cloud hosting and Cloud hosted servers will benefit you or your company.  Let’s take a look:

Economically Smart

There are still nonbelievers who suggest that the Cloud is expensive.  Not true at all!  Cloud hosting is just as affordable as your older web hosting.  Cloud hosting is being overlooked because businesses and individuals continue to believe that the only available option for the cloud is the “pay as you go” option or they look at all the large Cloud providers that want to sell you resources in limitation that will eventually require you to upgrade and pay more.  Your trusted hosting provider should be providing Cloud web hosting as it is cheaper than older web hosting and has more features to offer than typical web hosting.

Environmentally Friendly

It is more harmful to the environment for organizations to house their own data centers.  Also, many small to medium businesses do not have big IT budgets that enable them to update their servers, networks, and computer hardware regularly.   The Cloud is all about sharing resources.  The shift to cloud hosting prevents the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and it also saves billions of dollars collectively for participating companies.  Companies that join the push to Cloud hosting discover that greenhouse gas emissions drop significantly.

Competitive Edge

Cloud hosting is state of the art.  It allows businesses to get ahead of the competition from shared hosting because servers and data throughput are much faster.  For small to medium-sized companies, this is fantastic news as it will allow you to compete against more giant corporations in the same area of business.


Collaboration is especially helpful, considering that many workers often telecommute from different time zones and with relatively little opportunity for face-to-face planning.  Seeing increased collaboration due to the seamless connection and syncing of information provided by Cloud hosting, all employees and freelancers can remain on the same page.  Watch the cost of shipping and frequent commuting decrease.

Disaster Recovery

Large corporations tend to spend a lot on disaster protection, insurance, and recovery.  Unfortunately, most small and new businesses aren't quite so lucky as this is not yet in their budget.  Thankfully, Cloud hosting makes life easier for small companies to place their faith in their trusted hosting provider to ensure that their data is safe in a faraway server in case of a disaster like a flood, earthquake, or even an office move gone wrong.

Software Updates

The worst thing about software updates is having to install them.  With cloud servers, you won't have to worry about that anymore, since the servers will not be on your premises.  Your trusted hosting provider will maintain server updates and guarantee that they're regularly updated.  Moreover, your one-click install applications can be set to automatically update for you or notify you that updates are required (including plugins) so that you can always be on top of your application updates.  This will allow for more free time for things that directly pertain to the interests of your company. Instead of worrying about your applications falling behind their updates, leaving them vulnerable to hacking.


With your data hosted on multiple servers, your site is more secure.  With multiple firewalls, anti-virus detection/protection, data encryption, and routine security audits, the Cloud is a lot safer than older web hosting servers.

Site Isolation

One of the most critical features of Sectorlink’s Cloud hosting is site isolation. Why is it so important?  Without site isolation between a customer’s multiple websites,  if one site is compromised, the malicious actor could use this to “crawl” and compromise other sites within the same customer’s account.  So you see, site isolation is that extra security to keep all websites within each customer’s account safe and separate from one another.  Does your Cloud hosting provider do the same?

Redundancy and Reliability

Cloud hosting services utilize multiple servers to host websites.  This results in redundancy as one down server does not mean that all digital resources will be down.  This also allows companies to quickly purchase additional resources to combat an influx of web traffic, or offload services to compensate for lower web traffic.  One benefit of cloud hosting is reliability.  Cloud servers are an extensive network of web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, database servers, and application install servers.  The result of which is a ginormous amount of resources available to the end-user and, as previously stated and reiterated, redundancy against downtime.

Single Interface, Multiple Platform

Cloud hosting provides a single user interface while being able to connect to multiple platforms.  This means your VPS, Linux hosting, windows hosting, can all be within a single user interface.  No more opening multiple accounts for Linux hosting or windows hosting. This is fantastic for businesses, web developers, and individuals who want to keep their costs down.


The above are just a FEW reasons why switching to a trusted Cloud hosting provider will benefit you or your company.  If you have not yet made a move to the Cloud, I have only one single question for you….

What are you waiting for?

Move to the cloud today!

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