What Are WordPress Widgets And Why Use Them?

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What Are WordPress Widgets And Why Use Them?

 June 1st, 2020

WordPress widgets are components that you can add to your website's sidebar, footers, etc.  Widgets can add a particular function to your website, such as menus.  Also, there are many WordPress plugins that include widgets.  Also, most of the themes in WordPress support widgets, including but not limited to, categories, forms, navigation menu, calendars, search bars, most recent posts, and tag cloud.

Why Use Widgets

When you use a widget, you have control over the functions of a theme.  No technical expertise is required when using widgets, so it is easy to use.  There are many reasons why widgets can be helpful.  One great example is creating a menu in your sidebar.  You can simply drag and drop items where you want to use them.

Adding Widgets

To add a widget:

  • Go to appearance and then select widget.
  • Select the widget you want in the available list
  • Drag the widget to an area that is designated for widgets or click on the widget and select where to add it
  • Fill in the details and checkmark the options

There are a few default widgets that come with WordPress.  You can view them when you navigate to appearance and then widgets.  Adding plugins or themes to your WordPress website may add additional widgets to the list.

Widgets will have different functions and will automatically add these functions to your WordPress site as soon as you drag it to your page.  Remember that if you decide to remove a widget from your WordPress website, it will immediately remove all functionality of that widget.

Live Preview

Once you add your widgets, you can click on the “Manage with Live Preview” button, which will open up a new screen to view a live preview of your website.  This gives you the chance to make any changes before saving.


Widgets will allow you to make your WordPress website more interactive.  They also can attract more visitors.  Widgets are customizable, allowing you to have almost anything you want in a widget.

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