What Is A Blog, Why Should You Blog?

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What Is A Blog, Why Should You Blog?

 February 16th, 2019

Blog is another word for weblog.  It is a website or web page that is updated on a regular basis and is typically updated by either an individual or small group.  A blog is written in an informal or conversational style.

There are many things that a blogger can write about.  For example, product or service review, events/parties, etc.  There is no limit to what a blogger can talk about.  For a company or individual that sells online however, blogs can be a crucial factor for SEO (search engine optimization) and even more crucial for your online presence and online sales.  Here are some reasons why you should consider blogging.

Organization of Thought

When you first start blogging you begin to research about your topic(s) and grow.  You start to communicate better and you are forced to think and organize your thoughts into articulate patterns.  Each time you write, you are thinking of your reader and how you can help them with the subject matter you are engaging with.  Clear communication is the first key to a growing audience.


Whether you are going to talk about the many things of life, or promoting your business, blogging allows you to reach billions of people that use the internet on a daily basis.  Blogging will allow you to attract new and repeat visits because your blog can provide value to your visitors.  In fact, your visitors can appreciate your blog in that it can provide free information or guides without asking for anything in return.  The final results can turn all these visitations into valued friends, colleagues or customers.  Imagine; your blog can actually increase your sales and profits simply by blogging about your products and services or information and guides about your products and services all while also increasing your SEO to up your website ranking!

Establishing Engagement & Opportunities

Any type of marketer will tell you that it can be difficult to attract new leads.  Blogging however will do this for yourself or your company instantly and with ease.  While you may have your email marketing campaigns to promote yourself or your blog, people will start to come to you on their own. Moreover, once they read your blog, they will become more receptive to it.  The results of which are new and repeat customers or visitors to your page.


When you blog about your industry or topics that relate to you or your business, you are establishing yourself as a knowledgeable authority.  In other words, when you blog about related topics consistently, providing detailed information, you will provide expert information to your visitors.   As such, you will promote yourself or your business’ image.  It can also be a self promoting resume for either yourself or your business.  The more you do it, the better you will become and your customer base or followers will visit your site on a regular basis for your knowledge and wisdom.

Free Advertisement

When you blog you are your own marketer and media company.  The results of which becomes free advertisement.  Email campaigns, having links to your blog on other websites and the like, all point back to your blog.  You are not paying for any of this advertisement since you are the one creating your blog and providing your own marketing.

The Noticeable Face In The Crowd

This is one of the most important things you can do in order to have repeat visitation.  The more you blog the more you are noticed,   There is a lot of competition these days and it is no longer a local market, but rather, a global one.  Standing out in front is key in order to compete against your rivals.  Blog consistently, and your site/blog will start to climb the rankings.  Effective SEO will help you get noticed in the crowd.

Financial Growth

Blogging brings in new visitors and when you or your business blog about your ideas, your products and services and the like, your blog will lead to eventual sales.  There is lots of opportunity in blogging to capitalize.  Once you build and/or establish a great reputation, you have engaged with your visitors and you have promoted your products and services through your blog, chances are you will begin to see an increase in sales.  If your products or services are of quality, you will see repeat customers.  In fact, you may even attract more sales through word-of-mouth via your current customer base due to your blogging.

One great example that blogging can do is it can also eventually lead you to create an affiliate program for your current customers to help you bring in new leads.  Offering discounts via an affiliate program will give incentives to your current customer base to pass around your website and blog links.  In the end it will be a winning situation.


After setting up your blog and creating useful content, blogging will help to promote either yourself or your company.  It can lead to increase visitation to your website, financial growth and establishing authority all the while promoting free advertisement.  Blogging is a crucial aid in SEO and it enables you or your company’s face to be more noticeable in an online world.

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