What Is Domain Privacy And Why Use It?

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What Is Domain Privacy And Why Use It?

 January 19th, 2020

Domain name privacy protection is an option that is provided by your domain registrar (typically, this is offered through your trusted hosting provider).  This feature is offered to help in preventing spam, as well as to avoid exposure to any personal information about a domain's owner.  Also, this feature is a paid add-on that is an essential feature for stopping the abuse of email addresses and other public Whois data.

Is it necessary to have it?  No.  However, again, let's consider the statements above.  When you enable the privacy add-on for your domain, you are providing yourself security against spam and email abuse.

Whois Data

When you register your domain name, you are required to provide contact information, which includes your legal name, address, telephone number, and email address.  This confirms who the domain name owner of record is.  However, this information is entered into a public “whois” database.  This database shows the world who is responsible for a specific IP address and (for the interest of this particular blog)  a domain name.


This “whois” database that holds internet registrant data is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  This company maintains and coordinates IP addresses and the Domain Name System (DNS).  ICANN ensures that every domain name or IP address has its own unique identification so that it can be accessed anywhere in the world by anyone.  Thus, as previously stated, when you register a domain name, you are required to provide legal and legitimate identity information.

Why Privacy Is Important

Now that you have submitted your legal identity information (name, address, telephone number, email address) to the “whois” database, your information is now exposed publicly.  Spammers will take advantage of your email.  You might receive all kinds of junk mail not only in your email but also, in your actual mailbox where your registered address (for your domain) is located.  In fact, even your telephone number will be used by spammers for all kinds of abuse.  Once spammers and hackers have your information, they will sell it to anyone who wants a “list” of names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.  In short, you left yourself wide open for abuse.

Domain name privacy will help you avoid all of this.  This privacy protection is designed to hide all of your information that is stored in the “whois” database.  Bear in mind, however, if you have already been exposed, your information is already out there.  If you are being attacked, then your next step would be to change your email address and close out your old one.


So is domain privacy protection required?  After reading the above, you should be telling yourself yes.  If you do not want your personal information being accessed by hackers, then yes.  If you do not want to start receiving unsolicited emails, telephone calls, or mail by post, then yes.  Help yourself avoid headaches in the future by hiding your domain registered information today.

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