Free User-friendly Forum Software For Your Website

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Free user-friendly forum software for your website

 June 24th, 2020

FluxBB (FBB) is a fast, light, and user-friendly forum software for your website.  It is easy to use and has a track record of a secure and stable forum.  FBB is under the GNU License, which means that it is open-source software and is free to use.

FBB is designed to be smaller and lighter without many of the less essential features.  Often features that aren't included in the core are implemented by the community and released as modifications.

The full feature list can be viewed at

Easy to use – Simplicity is the key. Featuring a beautiful, clean interface, FBB is focused entirely on ease-of-use and usability.

Blazing speed – FBB focuses on the essential features a forum needs and comes without the bloat many other systems bring along so that you can enjoy the speed.

Clean admin interface – Take full control over your forum, easily editing permissions, changing board-wide options, and rearranging the structure of your forum.

Flexible permission system – FBB comes with a flexible permission system designed to give you full control over your user groups. Allow them to view different sections of your forum, give privileged users moderator status (multiple moderator groups are supported).

Powerful moderator tools – Administer your board with ease using powerful moderator tools to manage users, banning, censoring, reported posts, forums, and topics. Do it yourself or delegate these tasks to moderators as you see fit.


Several language packs can be installed to translate for your FBB.  This can also change the default language you wish to use for FBB, as well as allowing your subscribers to choose their default language.

The list of language packs can be viewed here.


If you are looking for forum software for your website that is not bulky (i.e., includes features that you do not need), then FBB is the forum software you should be using.  With the FBB community developing mods for it, you can select which mods you wish to add to your forum without the extra software you do not need.

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