Why Choose Admin Toolbar For Your Drupal Site?

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Why Choose Admin Toolbar For Your Drupal Site?

 July 29th, 2019

Article 1 – Admin Toolbar.  Why Choose Admin Toolbar For Your Drupal Site?

Admin Toolbar is a fantastic module to use for your Drupal site.  There are over 86,000 websites that report using it!  This module turns your Drupal toolbar into a drop-down menu to aid in quicker access to all your administrative pages.  It is designed to work on top of the default toolbar core, so it continues to utilize all the toolbar functions.

The Admin Toolbar module also provides a sub-module called Admin Toolbar Extra Tools, which adds additional links (compares to what Admin Menu module does for Drupal 7, i.e., flush caches, run cron jobs, etc.).  You would need to install the Admin Toolbar Extra Tools module to benefit this.

Also, starting with version 8.x-1.21, Admin Toolbar has become compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, most notably by making the module keyboard accessible and compliant with color contrasts for focus.  Visit https://www.dhs.gov/accessibility for more information.

Complementary modules:

Toolbar Menu allows you to add easily any menu to your toolbar and plays nicely with the Admin toolbar making them drop-down menus.
Toolbar Anti-flicker removes the impact of the admin toolbar sub-menu on the rest of the page.
Coffee is an excellent module to look for admin paths.
Adminimal Admin toolbar provides a black theme; recommended for the Adminimal theme.
Admin toolbar content language adds links for the creation of content in any active language.
There is also the Toolbar Themes module that provides excellent UI themes.


Admin Toolbar is a popular and powerful module that helps you save a great deal of time accessing your menus.  Download and install Admin Toolbar for your Drupal site today.

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