Why WordPress User Registration Is An Essential Feature

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 June 4th, 2019

WordPress User Registration is yet another essential feature you will want to use.  The first great thing about User Registration is that it is free to use.  This feature is available by default during your WordPress installation and can be enabled from the WP dashboard (WP-admin panel > Settings > General).  Once activated to accept users, your login page will display the registration link.

Setting users to contributors allows them to create their posts and submit them for review.  Once approved, the user can no longer edit it.  They also cannot access another user’s content.  Author and editor allows users to publish posts without supervision.

Top Features of User Registration (UR):

Simple & Beautiful Forms

Design matters, so UR has tried to keep its forms simple, clean yet beautiful.

Drag and Drop UI

Drag and Drop fields make it easier to control and sort the user registration form fields.

Unlimited Registration Form

Create as many registration form fields as you like, no limitation on the number of forms.

Multiple Column Support

Ever wished to have form fields in various column layouts, go ahead and create one with clicks.


Shortcode makes it possible to showcase your form in Page, Post, sidebar, and more.


UR knows you hate spammers, that’s why it has google ReCaptcha supported for the form.

Email Notification

Instant email notification to notify your user and admin upon new user registration.


The plugin is fully translation ready, so go ahead and translate the form to your native language.


Reviewing its rich features, you can see that User Registration has several features to help your website grow.  If you have not checked out User Registration, take the time to review what it can do for you.

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