Mobile Cloud Computing And Its Importance Within The Cloud

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Mobile Cloud Computing and its importance within the cloud

 September 14th, 2019

Mobile Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most important ways for businesses and individuals to compute on the go.  Billions of people own mobile devices.  Those same billions use their mobile devices to surf the web, conduct business on a daily basis through their online applications and all of this is done on the go, in the office or at home.  Simply put, no one is tied to a desk or a chair.  Mobile devices have become the forefront of computing, overtaking PC’s as the primary means to access the web.  The Cloud allows employees to securely access all the data they need from their phones.

The Cloud integration allows for mobile device usage in order to keep up with the rapid expansion. Mobile computing in the Cloud allows employees to communicate with management, co-workers, and customers via their mobile device.  Employees access important documents and information via their mobile device and perform work-related tasks on their mobile device. Thus, the Cloud offers  businesses better security and support for mobile devices.  Also, responsive mobile websites are also important to mobile Cloud computing.

One of the most concerning issues with the use of mobile devices is security.  Everyone has sensitive information, whether an individual is accessing his/her banking information, or employees logging into their Cloud based online presence.   Having this information floating around on a mobile device is dangerous.  Everyone is aware of this security risk.  So how do we keep sensitive information secure?    The solution of course is the Cloud.

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Mobile devices interact with a Cloud service provider using native mobile applications or embedded browser applications.  Applications are created using programming languages and API’s provided by the Cloud service provider.  Security and privacy protection is achieved with the help of secure Cloud application services (SCAS).  Also, SCAS provide key encryption on demand, intrusion detection, authentication and authorization services to mobile devices.  All of these features help provide data security, data integrity, identity protection, location privacy, login (authentication) security, etc.


Employees and individuals utilize mobile computing on a daily basis.  What is key is the Cloud’s scalability and speed, which allows for faster mobile device interaction, while providing better security and data protection.  Your mobile experience is much better on the Cloud.  Consider switching your online presence to the Cloud today.

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