How To Get Leads For Your Website

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How To Get Leads For Your Website

 March 3rd, 2020

For your profits and reputation to grow, you need a strategic approach to ensure that your online presence is optimized to generate leads.  Here are a few ways to do this.


When you place forms on your website, you will want to add these forms to pages that receive the most traffic.  You will also want to use forms during your email marketing campaign.  Don’t forget about social media, either.  Links to your forms on social media will also generate leads.

Live Chat

Surprisingly, live chat will also generate leads.  Most people that have questions like to be able to talk to a customer service representative when they are visiting a new site to review products.  Having a live person to chat with about your products and services can also help generate leads.


When you post links on social media or links in your email marketing campaigns pointing to your blogs, potential leads will read and review.  Your leads will grow when your blogs speak with authoritative knowledge about your products and services, or even industry standards.

Include all contact numbers

Just like live chat, people also like to call customer service and sales to talk to a live person about your products or services.  However, it gets annoying when you have to keep jumping to different pages or even open up multiple tabs on your website just to get a telephone number.  Keeping your number on every page ensures that customers do not have to jump all over the place to find your contact number.  Also, having that telephone number on your pages builds trust.  When customers see that the presence of your telephone number is everywhere, it will reassure them that you are not afraid if they call.

Photos, Customer Testimonials And More



Securing Your Site


Testimonials 2

All of the above links provide great information.  They also help generate leads.  Graphs, colors, a secure website, client testimonials – all of this helps your lead generation grow. Diagrams and colors attract the eye and hold your leads captive and provide visual information.  A secure website will show your customers that you have their safety in mind.  Lastly,  customer testimonials about your products and services offer proof from other people that purchased your products and services and that they are satisfied customers.


Video aids on your website about your company, your products, or your services, will help generate leads.  Why just display information when you can provide a video?  You can visually show how your products or services outperform your competition.  You can provide demonstrations on how your product work.  Videos can be a powerful lead generation tool.

Guarantees And Trust Seals

Trust is hard to come by.  However, customers that can visually see seals and guarantees are more likely to trust and purchase your product or service.  When you showcase your awards of recognition or accreditation from authorities, your visitors will feel more comfortable with you.

Use powerful wording

Using powerful verbs to describe you, your business, your products, or your services can be compelling.  These words will help your customer “feel” that purchasing your products or services will benefit them more than your competition.

Customize your site.  Don’t use generic templates

If your website looks like it came from a cookie-cutter, chances are, your potential lead may feel that you do not take the time and effort.  If your site looks professional and unique, your lead will be impressed.  If you think and treat your website as a visual resume, with detail, originality, vibrant colors, infographics, etc., your customer will see that you took the time to ensure that your site provides a customized, detailed information page(s) about your products and services.  It shows that you care about them because you took the time and effort.


All of the above will help you generate leads to help your business financially grow as well as improve your reputation with your customers.  Make an effort, and you will show your old as well as new customers that you care about them.

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