Best Joomla Extensions For Blogging

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Best Joomla Extensions For Blogging

 May 6th, 2020

There are millions (if not billions) of websites, each having a blog.  So it should come as no surprise to you that blogging will help your website become successful.  However, if you are not sure what a blog is, you might want to read this.  With today's technology,  your trusted hosting provider should have Joomla available utilizing a 1-click install at no extra charge.  So here is a breakdown of some of the best Joomla blogging plugins.

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While the latest version of Joomla has shown much improvement in its core features for blogging, EasyBlog still boasts of being the best blogging extension for Joomla!  This is because it has many features that Joomla core does not.

Per their website, EasyBlog includes:

Content Blocks:  Easy to use drag & drop content builder, simplifying day to day composing experience.

History:   Keeps a history of changes on the post, made switching in between revisions back and forth hassle-free.

Geolocation:   Pinpoint the exact location with Google Maps on the post to show a better perspective to your audience.

Embeddable:   Embed your favorite post from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and many more.

Cover Captions:   Add captions to all of your post covers, capturing your audience's attention even before going through the entire content.



JoomBlog makes it easier to set up a blog directory on your website.  Design is not required as it uses all styles from your website's template.  JoomBlog is also SEO friendly thanks to the built-in Joomla plugin for SEO optimization.

If you are converting from WordPress, the Joomla blogging extension comes with a free WordPress to Joomla converter, which allows you to migrate your WordPress blog to Joomla and keep all articles.

JoomBlog's component has social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  It also integrates with Disqus commenting.

Per their website:

"What can you use JoomBlog component for?

  • A diary or Personal Blog: you can use the Joomla blogging component both for personal and professional purposes. Keep a journal if you want to share your life experience with other people. If you are a professional in a particular field, JoomBlog will be a perfect tool for your promotion as an expert. You can make an online portfolio, too, with this extension.
  • Corporate blog: using this Joomla blog extension for marketing collaboration, you will drive more traffic and leads to your site. Welcome team blogging for Joomla to provide users with new and useful information as frequently as possible!
  • Internal Corporate Communications: you can easily use JoomBlog for internal communications as well as for Social eLearning within your company. All you need is to create several blogs and distribute them to different professionals giving them authoring rights. Let your staff share their experience with colleagues through blog posts!"


Komento allows for managing comments on your site. With Komento you can:

Access Control: Specify each user group what they can do when commenting on your website.

Like it or Pin it: You can now pin or give a thumbs-up outstanding comments on your article post.

Category Specific Comments: Site moderators have the freedom to choose which particular categories on their Joomla website to have Komento enabled and start receiving comments.

Migration Tools: Built-in migration tools to move your old comments from other 3rd party comment extension into Komento within minutes.

Insanely beautiful e-mails: Hassle-free and customizable e-mails to suit your needs at any time with our built-in editor.

BBCode & Emotions: Users can personalize their comments to make theirs stand out by using BBcode and emoticons.

Attachments: Include a file attachment to better illustrate your comments. There will also be thumbnails and lightbox previews when you attach images on any comments.

Schema tags for SEO: With schema tags in Komento's HTML markup are compliant with Google's standard to achieve better SEO performance. It also means comments can be fully recognized by search engines and easily found in search results.

OneSignal integration:  Users and visitors can get instant notification whenever a new comment is made on the site.

Customizable notification:  Site moderators can control the notification content that is being displayed on your site.

Geolocation support:  Allows a user to tag their own location as they leave a comment. Would it be interesting to find out where all of those comments came from?

Social Sharing: Share comments on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more with just one click. No tedious configurations needed.

Ratings:  Authors can show a little gesture of appreciation by rating their audiences' comments.

Spam Detection:  Komento integrates with Akismet and Cleantalk for more automated spam detection.

Flood Control:  Prevent spammers or bots from posting comments too quickly on the site.

Advanced Control:  Specify what users or user groups can do when commenting. You are in full control of managing user activities.

Reporting: Crowdsourcing from your audience helps with manual spam detection

Back-end Management:  Simplified user layout for site moderators, a bird' s-eye view on the vitals of their site for better and easier management.

Step-by-step Installation:  Seamless and straightforward installation. Have a fantastic comment system installed on your Joomla on the fly!


Komento Integrates with:

VirtueMart                               redSHOP                                 AceShop                                 MijoShop

K2                                           FlexiContent                            Zoo                                          Seblod

Cobalt 8                                  JUNewsUltra Pro.


The above-listed plugins are the top extensions you will want to have for your Joomla blog to make your website even more useful.  If you have not started a blog for your business or even personal reasons, you might want to consider the above extensions and start your blog in 2020 now!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this blog, feel free to contact us.

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